Local Authors

* Susan Noe Harmon, Under the Weeping Willow

 Florence Ison, Caney Girl

James B. Goode, Ancient Sunshine, Up From The Mines,  Poets of Darkness, The Cutting Edge

Shirley Noe Swiesz, Mountain Stranger, Coal Dust

Bob Collier, The Conception of Lynch and The Life Thereafter

Ronald Collier, Mountains, Mules, and  Coal Trains

William D. Forester, Harlan County: The Turbulent Thirties, Before We Forget, Harlan County Goes to War, From Riches to Rags, Flatland Election Thieves and Mountain Bushwhackers


* Rosezelle Qualls: Walking Free, The Black Heart Book, Sixty-Five Roses, Our Cat Family, & Others


* Judith Hensley: Mountain Wisdom: Mountain Folks


* William Hughes: The Orion Nebula Adventure

Rebecca Caudill Books

Barrie and Daughter (Viking) 1943
Happy Little Family (HR&W) 1947
Tree of Freedom (Viking) 1949
School House in the Woods (HR&W) 1949
Up and Down the River (HR&W) 1951
Saturday Cousins (HR&W) 1953
The House of the Fifers (McKay) 1954
Susan Cornish (Viking) 1955
Schoolroom in the Parlor (HR&W) 1959
Time for Lissa (Nelson) 1959
Higgins and the Great Big Scare (HR&W) 1960
The Best-Loved Doll (HR&W) 1962
The Far-Off Land (Viking) 1964
A Pocket Full of Cricket (HR&W) 1964
A Certain Small Shepherd (HR&W) 1965
Did You Carry the Flag Today Charley? (HR&W) 1966
My Appalachia (HR&W) 1966
Contrary Jenkins with James Ayars (HR&W) 1969
Come Along (HR&W) 1969
Somebody Go and Bang a Drum (Dutton) 1974
Wind, Sand, and Sky (Dutton) 1976